Little Mini Book Scrapbook

A little mini book I made for my Granddaughter…using a paper kit from cosmo cricket I purchased at have a daily deal….I am also using up scraps from other projects for accents…… Steph..With a Grin…on youtube…told me about Mystelle…LittleGlimpses…on youtube…has adorable little pretty books…..

Huge Scrapbooking Haul. Got my Smash Book. Yay!

Another 24 lbs of goodness came today in the mail. Love everything, and especially my Smash books. Cannot wait to start playing with all the papers, embellishments, things to alter. Thanks,, for amazing deals on brand new products!

Ditto from Hampton Art at Archiver’s!

If youre looking for a great way to scrapbook on the go, this is the thing for you! The Ditto collection from Hampton Art is the perfect way to take a scrapbook with you – you can even use it as a planner! There are all sorts of great accessories and fun things to add to the book – along with memorabilia and photos of your own. Stop by your local Archivers and check it out today!

♥ I LOVE books … ♥

THANK YOU for coming with me … to take a look at my bookshelfes … You´ll see the big one in our living room (with a big basket of new bought, still unread books), a little sideboard in the living room, some antique cookbooks that are still waiting to get a handmade minishelf for my kitchen, parts of my hobby-bookshelfes with books about beads, buttons, crafts & scrapbooking … I LOVE books, reading and collecting them makes me happy!!! Hope you enjoy books & reading as much as I do or at least don´t mind me showing my books. I´ve been inspired by the lovely Brandy from Lacquerandlace, when she did her „The book Tag"-video [ ] last week ;o) Thanks for watching 😉 Kerstin FTC: All the books are my own, I have purchased them (over many years) with my own, hard earned money or they were given to me as gifts from my family and some special friends ;o) An extra THANK YOU goes to Rickvanman´s Free Royalty Music from