PREPARING FOR BABY: Pregnancy ‘To Do’ Week 4/8

Sorry its so dark all around… these tasks typically get done at night and well this week the whole video is more or less a night video. I do however have two of the sped up clips that you guys really liked and a lot of other clips in general (-: So hopefully that makes up for the crummy narrational parts… Anyhow things are moving right along in lightening speed!

Cupcake Holder from the Cindy Loo cart, and Coffee/Tea Cup Card from Wall Decor and More Cart

This is a awesome tutorial : Did some baking making homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes! I decided to try out the Cindy Loo Cupcake holder, and it turned out cute! ***Note*** I Cut at 2 12 inches, not 2 inches (too small) for standard cupcake size:) Also, I made a CoffeeTea Cup from the Wall Decor and More Cart:) Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe (My modified version) Heres a slightly modified version of the Original Red Velvet Recipe for a more moist cake with a nice crumb. Red Velvet CakeCupcakes Pre-heat oven at 350 Degrees Makes about 22 cupcakes *1 Stick Melted Butter (not margarine or spreads) plus 14 cup oil *1 14 cup sugar or 23 cup Splenda Blend *2 Eggs *12 to 23 cup of Sour Cream 2 oz Red Food Coloring (I used only .25 small vial from the box of 4 for a dull red color- thats 7 time less than the 2oz) *1 Cup of Buttermilk at Room Tempurature *4 Heaping Tsp of Unsweetened Cocoa (Like Hersheys in the baking section) *2 Cups of Bread Flour Sifted *1 Tsp Salt * 1 Tsp Vanilla *1 Tsp Baking Soda plus 2 Tsp of Baking Powder *1 Tsp Vinegar Directions: 1) Whisk together dry ingredients accept Sugar 2) Thoroughly Cream Together Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Oil, Sour Cream, Vanilla and Vinegar 3) Alternate adding Flour Mixture and Buttermilk making sure there are no lumps 4)Carefully mix in the Food coloring *Optional- You can add a little instant coffee mixed with a little hot water and add to batter to bring out chocolate flavor Pour batter in cup cake cups about 34 of the way <b>…<b>

Scrapbooking, Journal, Recipe Book, Photos–Wooden Covered Album Personalize with Woodburning Tool

Delightful 812" by 9" inch wood covered album excellent for scrapbooking, journal, recipe book, collections such as baseball cards. Wood cover allows for easily adding on additional words or designs to personalize. Album holds 120 4 x 6 photos with acid and lignin free pages. Has room for additional pages as well. Metal brackets allow easy in removing pages. Sides and back covered inblack fabric. Another crafty item found in the piles less traveled here at the Hardermart Institute.

Tiny, tiny vintage laces

Lace 1, DORIS: less than 14" wide, 5 yards available, pale cream, vintage,French, probably 90% cotton, $2.25 a yard. Lace 2, JANET: 38" wide, 21 yards available, white, nylon?, $0.50 a yard. Lace 3, JUNIPER: 12" wide, cotton, white, handmade, flawed, selling as one piece of 2+yards, $4.00 Lace 4, MOLLY: 14" wide, white, cotton or blend, $0.75 a yard. Lace 5, ZILLAH: 14" wide, winter white, vintage, 4+ yards available, $2.00 a yard. Lace 6, SAGE: 14" wide, vintage, shy 3 yards, $2.25shy yard or $6.00 for shy 3 yards. Lace 7, DENISE: 38" wide, 34+ yards available, polycotton blend, 1970s, $0.70 a yard. Lace 8, DOVE: 38" wide, cotton, vintage, cream, $3.00 a yard. Lace 9, SALMA: 14" wide, nylon?, 70s, $0.50 a yard. Lace 10, AUDREY: 14" wide, light beige, vintage, polycotton blend, $1.00 a yard.

ICONic boyz Love story CHP 2

Vinnys pov: What the hell did I do. I am sooo stupid. I cant believe this. I lost ALL her trust. And not to mention my moms gonna kill me when she sees the hole in the wall. I felt small little tears run down the left side of my face as I looked through the scrapbook Sarah made me. The whole book was pictures of us. We make such a good couple why did I have to be such an idiot and ruin it. She is my whole world… Every day Im shuffling…. Ugh who is calling me. Madison. Nope not answering. (sent him to voice mail) Phone rings again. Oh mee gosh stop calling. Then Sarahs ringtone goes off. One less Lonley girl by justin bieber. I smiled like crazy. But scared at what she would say all at the same time. Text Convo: Sarah:vincent… We need to talk (She called me Vincent I think she has only called me that one other time since I have known her… And we need to talk. The worst words anyone could every say to u) Vinny: well do u want me to come over so we can talk Sarah: no. We should meet tomorrow to talk Vinny:when and where I ll be there no matter what. I just dont want to lose you… sarah; well I was thinking tomorrow at noon.. Albivis? Vinny: Ill be there:) night sweet heart Sarah:…….. Sarahs pov: ugh why did he have to add the sweet heart at the end.. It almost makes me feel guilty. Ugh stupid teenage feelings:( well I guess Im going to sleep. I pulled the pink blankets down got under them and turned off the small pink lamp on my bedside table. Tossing and <b>…<b>

Part 4 – The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Adventures 09-11)

Part 4. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Playlist for The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: