Treasure Old Baby Shoes Forever By Transforming Them Into An Adorable Growth Chart

Documenting your child’s growth during their first year of life isessential for every parent especially because they grow so quickly!

And with this rapid growth comes many, many pairs of shoes they seriously can outgrow a pair in a matter of weeks!

But fortunately, we have a great DIY idea that will allow you to recycle your child’s old shoes, because some baby clothes are simply too adorable not to repurpose into cute crafts.

This baby shoe size chart documents your baby’s growth through their first months of life by showcasing the cute shoes they were wearing at the time.

Friends and family will not be able to stop their “Oohs” and “Aahhs” when looking at this sweet display.


  • A shadow box
  • A hot-glue gun
  • Decorative tape
  • A Sharpie
  • Three or four sets of your child’s old shoes throughout their first year
  • Any other desired decorations like scrapbook paper or stickers


  • Remove the glass from the shadow box.
  • Stick the hot glue to the underside of the shoes and arrange them in order from smallest to largest in the box.
  • Place strips of the tape under each pair and label how old your child was when they were wearing them.
  • Add your child’s name along with any other decorations.
  • Put the glass back in place, and display wherever you want!

If you can’t wait to show off your baby’s cute shoes with this adorable idea, make sure to watch our video below on how to assemble and don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family on Facebook!

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KFCs Official Recipe Released After Being Found In Old Scrapbook

I’ve always thought that KFC and Coca cola are kind of similar. We don’t really know what makes them taste the way they do, but we love it so who cares… right?

KFC have always kept the secret of their recipe close to their chest. Which is understandable, really, when you think about how many wannabe chicken shops have come along since KFC first started.

I once found a Chicken Shed, Chicken Cottage, Chicken Hut and Sam’s Chicken next to each other on one road in North London. I couldn’t decide between them so I quite literally chickened out.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

The official KFC recipe is apparently locked away in a vault somewhere to keep it out of the hands of competitors. It’s allegedly only shown to a select few at the top of the company, and is delivered to the restaurant premixed so that the general staff have no clue what’s in it.

Image: iStock

Colonel Sanders was so paranoid about protecting his recipe that he allegedly planned to set up two companies, and giveeach only half the recipe – so that no one would ever have the full recipe.

Joe Ledington, the Colonel’s nephew, doesn’t seem to value the family business, or secrets, after he found the recipe in a scrapbook belonging to the Colonel’s second wife, Claudia Saunders, and sold it to the press.

Not all heroes wear capes, eh.

Image: iStock

When asked if he believed it was really the Colonels recipe Joe said: Yeah, I do before adding: I dont want to get in an argument with [KFCs parent company] Yum! Brands about it but Im pretty sure that its pretty close to the original.

In a weird twist, that we’re pretty sure is a double bluff, Yum! Brands have had no problem with it’s release because they claim it isn’t the same recipe.

Here it is just in case, like me, you plan on trying it out:

11 Spices Mix With 2 Cups White Flour
1) 2/3 tsp Salt
2) 1/2 tsp Thyme
3) 1/2 tsp Basil
4) 1/3 tsp Oregano
5) 1 tsp Celery Salt
6) 1 tsp Black Pepper
7) 1 tsp Dried Mustard
8) 4 tsp Paprika
9) 2 tsp Garlic Salt
10) 1 tsp Ground Ginger
11) 3 tsp White Pepper

What do you think? Let us know in the comments

Lead image: iStock

H/T: The Chigago Tribune, The Sun

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37 Art Therapy Techniques For De-Stressing During The Holidays

The holidays are finally here, bringing an onslaught of family, food and, for many of us, stress on stress. Whether you’re dreading endless conversations with your great aunt Judith or getting anxious over the prospect of impending New Year’s resolutions, may we humbly suggest you let your creative side serve as a sort of internal massage.

Art therapy is a form of therapy predicated on the belief that artistic expression has the power to help us in healing, in self-esteem or simply in chilling out. It’s unique in that most other forms of therapy rely on language as the foremost mode of communication, whereas art requires something different, something harder to define.

We’re not art therapists, and the techniques below are only suggestions based on practices familiar to the art therapy community. But for those hungry for a creative outlet to relieve the tension that tends to build up this time of year, the practices below may help. They require few materials and no artistic background — in fact, the less art you make, the better. The following suggestions are less about the final product, and more about the transformation that occurs along the way.

Behold, 37 art therapy techniques to help you relax this season.

1. Design a postcard you don’t intend to send

Whether it’s a love note to someone you’re not ready to confess your feelings to, or an angry rant you know is better left unsaid, sometimes enumerating all the details helps deflate the issue at hand. While writing the text can be therapeutic in its own right, designing the postcard gives even more value to the object. It also allows you to activate different portions of your brain while relaxing in a manner similar to coloring in a coloring book. Once you toss that signed and sealed letter in the trash (or tuck it away in a drawer), you’ll find its message has lost some of its power.

2. Cut and paste a painting to create a collage

Create a painting on a material like paper or cardboard. When you’re finished, cut or tear it up. Then use the pieces as building blocks for a new artwork — a collage. See how your original artwork transforms into something new and exciting, something unpredictable. This exercise illuminates the close proximity between creation and destruction, encouraging us to take risks to push ourselves creatively and in other aspects of life.

3. Build an altar to a loved one

Take inspiration from folk art and create an altar honoring a unique relationship between you and another person, living or not. Decorate the shrine with photographs, letters and relics of memorable times spent together, as well as new art objects you’ve created in their honor. Anything can become artistic material, from gifts you’ve exchanged to a candy wrapper you know your subject would love. Building a totem to another person awakens memories and creates a physical manifestation of a relationship that can provide comfort in tough times.

4. Draw in total darkness

So much of the stress we experience when making art comes from the judgments and criticism that seem unavoidable every step of the way. Try creating artwork in total darkness to make art free from that art critic inside your head. Think of it as a form of blind contour drawing. You’re suddenly freed up to create lines, shapes and patterns simply because you feel like you should. When you turn back on the lights, we suspect you’ll be surprised by what you find.

5. Watercolor your bodily state

Lie down and close your eyes. Visualize your body as you breathe in and out. Try to imagine your breath as a particular color as it enters your body, another color as it exits. What do you see? Draw an outline of a body on a large sheet of paper, and inside, create a watercolor based on your bodily state. Think about what these colors mean to you, where they are densest, where they are most opaque. Think of this as the most relaxing self-portrait you’ll ever create.

6. Create a Zentangle-inspired creation

Zentangle is a drawing method invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, designed to make drawing meditative and accessible to all. To learn the official method you must be taught by a Zentangle Teacher, but you can recreate the basic idea on your own. Use a piece of paper, cut into a 3.5-inch square piece, and draw a freehand border around the edge in light pencil. Then use your pencil to draw a curved line or squiggle within the border, called a “string.”

Now switch to a pen and begin drawing a “tangle,” a series of patterns and shapes around your “string” and voila! You got yourself a Zentangle. The process is designed to encourage deliberate, ritual creation and allow room for human error — no erasing, that’s against the rules. Traditional Zentangles are always black and white but we fully support experimenting with color. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, and can be repeated whenever you feel the urge. Keep some squares handy so you can always create when inspiration strikes.

7. Produce a permission slip

Think of the societal and self-imposed pressures you feel on a day-to-day basis, the personal traits you see as faults, the natural slips you see as errors. Choose one of these things and give yourself, in ornamental detail, permission to do just that. Turning one simple defeat into an accomplishment can minimize feelings of self-hatred, allowing you to achieve more of your important goals. Remember, it’s an art project, so make it pretty.

8. Write a found poem

Don’t consider yourself a poet? Let someone else do the hard part of coming up with the words by grabbing your material from old books, magazines, newspapers or even letters. Cut out words that jump out at or inspire you. Collage your found materials just as you would a visual collage. You can have a topic or story in mind at the beginning, or just get started and see where your word collaging takes you.

9. Craft a mark-making tool unique to you

Instead of spending the majority of your time on an actual painting, why not focus a little of that attention on crafting an alternative paintbrush all your own? You can make a mark-making tool out of nearly anything, whether it’s a row of toothpicks glued to a cardboard base and dipped in paint, or a DIY paintbrush made from pom-poms and yarn. When you finally get around to actually making a piece with your new tool, you will have relinquished some of your artistic control to your distinct artistic medium, which, of course, is a work of art in itself.

10. Make a forgiveness box

If there is a certain person — including yourself — you don’t want to harbor negative emotions toward any longer, try making him or her a forgiveness box. Decorate a small box with soothing images and words that can be either specific to an individual or catered to your desired inner state. You can write the person’s name on a slip of paper and include it in the box if preferred, and the name can be removed and exchanged if needed. The act of making the box will bring up happy memories of whomever the box is for, as well as help you physically work toward a place of forgiveness.

11. Create a color collage

Color has the ability to affect our moods. Sometimes, however, instead of using color to transform our current state of mind, it’s helpful to take a moment to delve deep into the color you’re currently experiencing. Feeling hot-tempered and uninhibited? Cut and paste orange images that fit your mood. Working within your current emotional state can help you make sense of why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling and realize that, perhaps, it’s not such a bad place to be.

12. Make a power mask

Most often we think of wearing a mask as a way to hide something about ourselves, but sometimes this layer of protection and anonymity makes us feel liberated and actually aids in expressing something true, difficult and real. Create a power mask, filled with symbols that make you feel strong (think of an actor’s costume or athlete’s helmet). You can put it on when preparing for a rough situation — whether it’s dinner with the extended family or giving a speech at work — and prove to yourself you can accomplish the task at hand with or without the mask. 

13. Construct a holiday “anti-calendar”

All too often calendars are jam-packed with chores, obligations and responsibilities, making the coming days a point of stress more than solace. Try making a DIY advent calendar, which we’ve dubbed an anti-calendar. Instead of giving yourself a chocolate each day, treat yourself to a compliment, a doodle, an inspiring quote or an encouraging mandate such as “eat breakfast in bed today.” If all goes according to plan, you could find yourself bouncing out of bed each morning like a kid on Christmas.

14. Start a doodle chain

Fact: It’s impossible for a doodle to look bad. Once you give in to the endless possibilities that occur when wiggly line meets unidentified shape, you’ll find it dangerously hard to stop drawing. Start a doodle-centric take on exquisite corpse with a friend or loved one to loosen your attachment to your creation. It’s pretty magical to watch your lone squiggle blossom into a spindly beast before your eyes. You can also try this with a pen-pal for a more productive spin on chain mail.

15. Draft a portrait of a past self

We’re not talking about past lives here, but versions of yourself you feel like you’ve either lost touch with or outgrown. Whether you’re revisiting a phase of innocence, ignorance or just plain difference, using the space between memory and imagination as your subject helps illuminate how malleable your self really is. It feels almost like reading your old diary for the first time in years.

16. Build a wishing tree

Take a cue from her majesty Yoko Ono and build a physical object to hold your wildest dreams. Use either a real plant or a tree-like object you create yourself, write your wishes down on paper and hang them, one by one. You can invite others to do the same. Writing your hopes and dreams on paper brings you a small step closer to making them real. Not to mention, the little papers resemble blossoming flowers from far away.

17. Paint your own personal set of Russian dolls

Though we’re built a little differently — mainly, not out of wood — we too have different layers nestled inside us at all times. What is the self you portray to others? What about to your most trusted loved ones? What remains hidden underneath? You can either purchase a set of dolls and paint over them or paint atop a set of cardboard gift boxes or other stackable objects. Feel free to use images and words to recreate the layers you envision when you think of yourself.

18. Add on to a masterpiece

Intimidated by a glaring sheet of blank paper? Yeah, us too. Instead of starting from scratch, try adding onto a canvas you already know and love to boost your confidence and lower the risk. Whether you’re applying makeup to the Mona Lisa or filling in the blanks of a Paul Klee paintings with your own brand of alien creatures, we’re sure the original artists would be honored by your tribute. Who knows? You could become a famed appropriation artist in the process.

19. Assemble a safe space

This is for the architects among us. Remember building a pillow fort as a kid? That cozy, secret space for you and only you? Take inspiration from the five-year-old inside and build yourself a grown-up fort — ahem, an art installation. You can create a full-blown tent if you wish or simply arrange meaningful items in a closet or under the bed. Incorporate nostalgic objects, old toys or blankets, twinkly lights — anything that makes you feel removed from the world around you. Put on a soothing song and let the good feelings wash over you.

20. Use crayons

Yup, it’s that simple. There’s something about the crayon’s blunt tip and uneven method of coloring that is at once frustrating and liberating. Yes, it’s hard to draw a straight line. Yes, it’s nearly impossible to color in a space without it looking patchy. But that’s exactly the point. Allow your artistic imperfections to float to the surface and learn to cherish every human error in your creation. Whatever work you create will be distinctly yours, even if it’s not quite museum-worthy.

21. Make an invisible New Year’s resolution visible (and beautiful)

New Year’s resolutions. How did something so seemingly restorative turn into something so incredibly stressful? Instead of promising yourself to floss more or eat less, focus some attention on an invisible accomplishment, something that’s either too big or too small to see with your eyes. Instead of writing it in the notebook with the rest of your resolutions, devote some time to making your personal goal into a beautiful object, a visual mantra that inspires you just upon seeing it.

22. Create a memory jug

Memory jugs originated with members of Africas Bakongo communities, who believed the physical world was connected to the spiritual world by water. They often decorated graves with water-centric items like jugs to connect deceased spirits to the waterways that would lead them to the afterlife. The ritual was revived recently as a form of found art sculpture, or 3D scrapbooking. Use lacquer to adhere found objects to a vase, jug or pot — whether they remind you of a specific person, recall a certain time in your life, or just make you smile.

23. Do a doodle a day

You know what’s hard? Taking time out of a hectic schedule to create a work of art when you have absolutely no idea where to start. You know what’s easy? Taking a few minutes to break from your day and scribble out a little weirdness, just for the sake of keeping that hand moving. Divide each page of a sketchbook into fourths and create one simple drawing every day — really, if you draw a happy face as your falling asleep it’s okay. Just getting into the creative rhythm will get your imagination churning. Soon you’ll feel more comfortable with your artistic style and be struck by inspiration during your daily routine. You may even want to spend more than five minutes on a drawing someday. But worry not, doodles always look good.

24. Shed your old skin into a sculpture

Okay, this is far less creepy than it sounds. This suggestion is for those doing some early spring cleaning or getting rid of old belongings — be they clothes, papers, glasses, buttons, defunct technologies. Instead of tossing away your old junk, use the materials to create a sculpture of a former self, immortalizing the (insert appropriate adjective here) year that was 2014. The sculpture does not have to (and probably won’t) look like you; it can be abstract, geometric, organic or all of the above. Even if the materials seem meaningless now, they’ll become treasures with the passing of time, and the ceremony of creating the sculpture provides great closure in moving on to the new year.

25. Use your non-dominant hand to create

You know that Pablo Picasso quote, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”? Firstly, make that “he” a “he or she.” Now, channel this Picasso-ian sentiment by unlearning anything you’ve ever learned about style, control and discipline by passing your pencil to the other hand. Before you know it, you’ll have the uncertain, wiggly, unfettered stroke of a child — and thus, by the transitive Picasso principle, of a bona fide artist.

26. Craft an intention stick

Whether you call them intention sticks, prayer sticks, wish sticks or talismans, their purpose is the same: to provide a physical object for you to wrap your hands around and bring you strength as well as peace of mind. Intention sticks, which have roots in Hopi and Tibetan traditions, gain their power from the positive energy posited in the stick during its creation — so basically, make sure you’re in a good mood when you make it! Find a stick that fits perfectly in your hands, think of it like a magic wand, paint it and decorate it with mantras or intentions close to your heart. Add string, feathers, glitter, beads and whatever else you wish and keep the stick in a secret place for when you need it most.

27. Make your own stencil

If you’re having trouble embarking on an artwork itself, how about starting with the artistic medium instead? You can make a DIY stencil from a cardboard box, playing card, cereal box — the list continues. Use scissors to cut out a shape all your own and you can make your imprint, quite literally, on any future artworks or random pieces of paper you happen to encounter. Don’t worry about straight lines and perfect proportions; with a handmade stencil, the more rugged the better.

28. Turn your fears into a (literal) monster

Sometimes the only way to lessen your fears is to face them head on. Think about something that frightens you, whether it’s “spiders,” “being a bad artist,” “going broke” or “losing my way.” Give this fear a shape, a color and a texture; it can be as abstract or symbolic as you wish. Creating the beast outside of you will strip your fear of some of its power, especially when comparing it to the (now often silly) fears we all had as a child.

29. Craft your own dream guardian

You’ve heard of a dreamcatcher. We’re tweaking the tradition a little bit, thus freeing up the possibilities of what shapes your new dream guardian can take. Create a dangling sculpture to hang above your bed that will watch over you while you sleep. Feel free to use the traditional willow hoop with feathers and beads, or veer off track and get experimental with fabric, bells, photos, or whatever brings you peace of mind. Soon you’ll have a new friend to keep an eye on you as your dreams sweep you off into another world.

30. Make a painting with no tools but your body

Don’t have the time (or the funds) to invest in a new batch of art tools? No worries, all you need to get creative is your own beautiful body. Explore the possibilities of your own anatomy — the plush curves of your fingertip, the sharp edge of your nail, the capabilities of hand and foot and even hair, if you’re feeling bold. Not only will your canvas end up looking unexpectedly magnificent, but you’ll probably resemble a work of art yourself.

31. Revamp a stuffed animal

We’ve been dying to give this one a go since we caught a glimpse of Jenny Ottinger’s latest exhibition, in which she conducts slightly botched surgeries on stuffed teddy bears, producing jumbled creatures at once adorable and creepy. We’d recommend a less frightening version for a therapeutic result. Take a beloved childhood toy and transform it into a work of art, either by patching its holes, replacing its ragged parts or going a more avant-garde route. You’ll finally be able to return your beloved teddy to its rightful spot on your bed, while proudly displaying an original objet d’art.

32. Craft a memory rock

Next time you have a special day, take a home a free souvenir in the form of a rock — or a receipt, or a brochure, or a leaf; anything will do the trick really. Call it your new canvas. Decorate your new keepsake with memories from throughout the day — however abstract or concrete your creative self desires. If you’re feeling painter’s block, use the natural creases and edges of the rock to guide your aesthetic decisions. A few memory rocks down the road, you’ll have a rock garden that instantly conjures recollections of your most joyous days, to help with the glum ones.

33. Channel Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Brief art history primer: Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a 16th century Italian painter primarily known for his surreal self-portraits made from painted objects like fruit, veggies, books and fish. Channel good ole Giuseppe with objects that mean something to you. Whether you draw, paint or collage, create a version of that precious punam of yours made from the objects that help define you or make your heart flutter — whether it’s your dog, sunflowers or the In-N-Out logo.

34. Make an ephemeral artwork

Practice the art of letting go by creating a work of art with an expiration date. Work with a material that erodes with time — whether it’s a sand castle that washes away in the sea, a chalk mural that fades in the sun, or a drawing attached to a balloon and set into flight. You know what they say, f you love something, set it free!

35. Paint a mirror or window

Overhaul the concept of a blank canvas by selecting a surface that already tells a vivid story. Apply pigment to a mirror or window, and let your brushstrokes mingle with whatever’s already gracing your uncanny canvas — be it a snowy day or your own reflection. Just think of it as makeup’s way artsier second cousin.

36. Turn a journal entry into a work of art

Whether you’re drawing inspiration from last week’s misadventure or your third grade trials and tribulations, why not creative a visual adaptation of your own first-person narration? Take an old journal entry — one that was especially poignant, difficult, joyous, or totally arbitrary — and recreate the text as imagery. Feel free to draw, paint, collage, whatever can best express the atmosphere of that one day.

37. Design your (artsy) spirit animal

Do you have a spirit animal? Have you never been quite satisfied with the classic genus and species currently available to you? Here’s your chance to craft the imaginary hybrid creature of your wildest fantasies. From a liger to a jellyfish-dragon to a pegasus-zebra, the only limit to the wildlife available to you are the zoological limits of your mind.

This post is based on a series of art therapy roundups we’ve published throughout the past year.

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How new parents can get the most out of social media

Before baby, you were a Facebooking, Instagramming, texting fool, sharing everything from your perfect pasta dish to your hella-good manicure. Now, looking at your little bundle of joy, you may be wondering: Is it safe to post pictures of baby? What’s OK to share and what’s TMI? What are the easiest tech tools to preserve those precious moments, without broadcasting to the world? These tips can help.

Safely share photos of baby online. You may never have given privacy settings a thought. But if you’re posting pics of baby, you may want to think through the impact and potential trajectory of what you post. Maybe you have followers struggling with fertility who aren’t ready to share your joy. Maybe you’re connected to people you barely know — friends of friends of friends — and there’s no guarantee that those people will have your family’s best interests at heart. Stories about people’s kids’ photos falling into the wrong hands — for example, stock-photography brokers looking for baby pics to sell or Internet trolls misusing images — are a growing risk.
    The bottom line is that the impact of social media isn’t fully understood, and it can trigger all sorts of responses. New parents are emotionally vulnerable because they’re tired, unsure, and perhaps suffering from postpartum depression. If you feel crappy more than you feel good, and sharing photos from your life doesn’t make you feel better, talk to a professional about what you’re going through.
    Find real, meaningful online support. There are some really supportive online groups with active, engaged members.
    Hey, dads need support, too! With the rising number of stay-at-home dads, online resources geared toward fathers have ballooned. Fatherly, National At-Home Dad Network, and New Dads Survival Guide all have supportive communities for new fathers.

    See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.

    Preserve memories digitally. By the time your baby is 3, you will have recorded approximately 1 billion hours of video, taken 300,000 photos, and thought of 1,000 things you wish you could say to her when she grows up. Fortunately, there are easy ways to collect all these memories into one, easily accessible location.
    • Go low(ish) tech. A lot of parents like to grab the opportunity to create an email account under baby’s name. Once she has an email address, you can use it to send her messages, photos, and videos so they are all collected in one place and she can read them when she gets older — and take ownership of her email address.
    • Consider an electronic scrapbook or journal. Scrapbooking sites and apps let you create digital diaries of baby’s life. Some families like this option because older kids can use the sites and apps, too. There’s a wide range of programs you can use.
    • Sign up for a private social network. Apps such as Notabli, 23snaps, and eFamily offer a secure way to collect and share photos, videos, and stories and invite a small number of people who can view them.

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    The Best Bachelorette Finale Recap You’ll Ever Read

    We begin the finale in the most authentically Thai hotel in Phuket, The Marriott. But of course, were also getting live input from our studio audience complete with Chad, Ben, and Lauren. Im so happy Ben’s fiance Lauren gets the chance to watch the girl Ben fucked a week before he proposed to her find love. But anyway, in a predictable line of events, Jojo gives up too-nice Robby to pick almost-definitely-a-douchebag Jordan. Shes definitely making a mistake, but at least well inevitably get a teary sit-down about it like we did back in the day when Andi chose Josh. Lets take a look at the least dramatic finale ever.

    Jordan Meets The Family

    Ah yes we get to see Jojos drunk mom and scary brothers.

    But wait, her brothers seem way less scary this season, maybe a free trip to Thailand was all they needed to relax. That, or Jojo slipped a Xanax into their drinks before her precious Jordan arrived.

    Jojo’s dad looks like he jumped off a pizza box and onto this couch.

    Since when is Jojo’s mom the Balinese woman from ? Couldnt someone do her moms hair? Like I get that shes probably drunk but shes on national television. Get your shit together, Soraya!

    Jojo’s Mom: Jojo has trust issues with men so like promise not to fuck anyone else, k? Give me your word that you will never break my daughter’s heart
    Jordan: Hold on brb

    Robby Meets The Family

    This is too much info for the parents Robby, stop talking about how you touched on top of a mountain.

    Jojo’s mom just came after Robby’s speech about loving Jojo.

    Jojo: The fact that my parents loved Robby makes me love him so much more, but I’m still gonna pick Jordan because you know…Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn.

    Jojo is clearly stressed out because her family likes Robby but she wants to pick Jordan. ADMIT IT.

    Jojo Consults Her family

    Jojo’s family: We all love Jordan and we really want tickets to the game but like, Robby is way more into you.

    Her mom then complains that Jordan didnt ask them if he could marry her and Jojo cuts her off realllll quick.

    Jojo: Mom, shut the fuck up. Dad, did Jordan ask you or not?

    This is like a town hall meeting. “So everyone whos for Robby say aye!”

    Date With Robby

    Robby: It’s just Jojo, the camera crew and I looking into each other’s eyes and having the time of our lives.

    Robby: When Im out hittin’ 18 holes with the guys Ill be blowin her phone and the bathroom up. – WHY do those words even have to come out of his mouth????

    Robby: Heres a pic of how we first met ::shows her a pic of just him::

    Robby envisions their romantic future of overcooking meatloaf and spilling white wine all over themselves
    Jojo: Omg cool but I’d rather have box seats at the Super Bowl, you know?

    Jojo: I have no doubt that Robby is ready to get down on one knee so obviously that makes me less attracted to him.

    Okay Robby she gets it, you love her.

    Robby then shows off his sexy scrapbooking skills.

    Jojo: I look at that first photo of meeting him on night one and realize that my arm looks fat in that picture. He’s dead to me.

    Date with Jordan

    Must Jordan greet her every time with “Heyyy whats up???”

    Jordan on proposing to Jojo: It’s a decision for both of us

    Jojo: What are you thinking? guys love that question!

    Hes such a bullshitter, I can’t “your sister is a SWEETheart

    Jojo: So do you think you’ll be on one knee on our next date?
    Jordan: Honestly idk

    Jojo:How’d you feel talking to my dad?
    Jordan: Great, excellent. Terrific. – okay Trump, enough with the bullshit!

    Can you all stop saying on one knee, SAY PROPOSE like a normal person.

    “It sucks.” Jordan has the emotional intelligence of a towel.

    Also, he makes no sense. Maybe hes trying to pull away so she doesnt pick him so he can be the next Bachelor?

    Jojo: Why didn’t you ask my dad if you could propose to me, you know how much that means to me.
    Jordan: IDK bitch lay off.

    He has her wrapped around his finger, how do guys do that its frustrating to watch!!!!!

    Jordan: I’ve told you for weeks that I want to marry you at least for the next like, 48 hours.

    Jordan: Super bummed that I let her down but I realize that I realy wanna win so I’m going to spew some bullshit that I know she’ll eat up.

    Jordan’s like

    Mark of Jordan’s true con artistry: on her way out Jojo thanks HIM.

    Looks like Neil Lane lost a bit of weight. His appearance on finales has been one of the few constants in my life. I wonder how much ABC would have to be paid to switch from Neil Lane to Jared.

    Jordan: Do I have your blessing to marry Jojo?
    Jojo’s mom: You absolutely have our blessing!
    Jordan: Thanks so much but I was actually asking Joe, not you.

    Jordan literally picks out this ring with no emotion, he asks her with as much emotion as if he was selling toner.

    Ugh that diamond was so just okay.

    Lol to hearing this letter spoken over the montage of Jordan giving his blue steel in the mirror. We then get to hear Robbys letter. Robby stop trying to be Nicholas Sparks, youre TTH.

    Cut to the live studio audience. “This is going to be painful.” – Chris Harrison with the play by play.

    How many times is Chris going to say “Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.” Its like, we get it, you finally got someone marginally famous on your show.

    Robbys Failed Proposal

    Jojo: This is the best suit. – things you say before you dump someone.

    I don’t get why they let these people make these long drawn out speeches if they’re just going to dump them. Like maybe interrupt him to tell him he’s not the one. Take a hint Robby, she’s like hysterically crying.

    “I wanted it to be you!” screams Jojo. I love when they say this, like they have no control over who it is.

    Hes like The rest of America nods their heads slowly in agreement.

    Jojo: My heart is broken.

    5 seconds later

    Jojo: This is the best day of my life. I’m getting engaged!

    Jordans Proposal

    Aw its Jordan’s last effeminate walk on television!! :'(

    The proposal setup looks like it’s sponsored by Pier 1. I can’t believe she picked the douchebag who doesn’t want her, but love is blind amiright???

    These two are NOT going to last, like 0 percent chance.


    After the Final Rose

    Omg the bitch in the audience with Robby as the merman shirt

    Chris Harrison to Robby: What is swimming around in your head right now ::NO PUN INTENDED::

    Whoa OD suit accessories Robby – checkered tie, pocket square AND mini rose?! Also, Robbys teeth are whiter than a Donald Trump Convention.

    Robby needs to let go of Uruguay. Jojo just revealed she pictures late night burritos more often than she still pictures a future with Robby.

    Chad tries to totally take over this After The Final Rose. Chad, this isn’t about you.

    Chad: I’m a marine and my mom’s dead. Pick me!

    Chris Harrison: Let’s take a look at some hurtful headlines we’ve seen over the past few months. Let’s have you relive that and then break down.

    Jordan is definitely gay, he just goes about the people mag.

    OMG OMG OMG Ben and Lauren have a reality show on Freeform called . Who the fuck would ever watch that shit:?

    Jojo: Yeah it was so hurtful like look at that picture they chose. The most hurtful part about it was their lack of photoshop on my legs.

    Chris Harrison will not give up on cashing in with this Aaron Rodgers connection and the male demographic it will bring. But wait, theyre sending them on a romantic trip to.Nemacolin, Pennsylvania? Are they fucking joking? What kind of low budget shit is that? Next are they sending them on an exotic trip to Rikers Island?

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    Lewis Hamilton wins Hungarian Grand Prix in one-two finish with Nico Rosberg

    Lewis Hamilton took the Formula One championship lead after securing a record fifth win at the Hungarian Grand Prix, overtaking Nico Rosberg on pole to lead from start to finish

    Should Lewis Hamilton win his fourth Formula One world championship this season, it is unlikely he will have a fonder moment to remember than his win on Sunday at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

    The drive itself was unmemorable, especially for a driver whose scrapbook is replete with wins, but its import may stick with him long after the memory of taking the flag has faded. For the same reasons his team-mate, Nico Rosberg, who finished second, found himself on the end of yet another race he would rather forget.

    Hamilton had come to the Hungaroring trailing Rosberg by one point in the championship. He leaves six points ahead. It is the culmination of a run in which the British driver has gone from a 43-point deficit by the fourth round in Russia to the lead for the first time this season. The gap, fuelled by Rosbergs four-win run from the opening races, was huge and in current terms, given the reliability of the Mercedes, was a daunting challenge.

    The pair took one another out at round five in Spain and since then Hamilton has been the driving force. Since Barcelona he has won five of the six grands prix and Rosberg, who kept noting as the gap came down that his lead proved he had been the best driver so far this season, finally had to cede even that increasingly hollow claim to his rival after he could not match him in Hungary.

    Hamilton was, as ever, playing down the momentum he has, his focus as with all modern professional sportsmen and women centred on nothing more than the next race, but it is undeniably there and it is not from just the winning, but rather the scale of the fightback.

    I think Spain was definitely a turning point, he said. It didnt feel like it was but it was rock bottom basically. The only way was up. I just managed to get my head together and get my shit together and get on with it, even though I have less engines, my mechanics had been changed. All these different things which didnt seem to be working. I just had to deal with it. Since then weve pulled together.

    There are shades here of 2014, when Rosberg drove into Hamilton at Spa. He was reprimanded and Hamilton, who at that point trailed his team-mate by 29 points was furious. Six of the next seven races were won by the British driver and, at the last in Abu Dhabi, his second title.

    There is much further to go this season, with 10 races remaining, and Hamilton still faces at least one start at the back of the grid for an engine change, of which he is fully aware, so there is a considerable story yet to be written and it feels as if it will not be one of simply smooth sailing to the title. Tough challenges doubtless await but he also knows he has performances, such as the one displayed on Sunday, to call on that will be virtually faultless.

    His fondness for the Hungaroring is well known, as is his prowess here. This fifth win, a record, takes him past Michael Schumachers number of victories at the track and it was largely sealed at the first turn.

    Hamiltons getaway could not have been better and reflected his recent success in putting his team-mate under pressure. Second on the grid to Rosbergs pole, the British driver was away more quickly and took a tight line to take the lead through the first corner. He quickly pulled out a gap that put him beyond DRS range and then, it might be kindly described, managed his way to the win.

    His car was superlative on the opening supersoft tyres but on the two sets of soft tyres he later took, concern over their wear made the pace grip-saving sedate rather than haring-into-the-distance breakneck. Indeed with overtaking tricky and Rosberg unable to get close, his only major concern came when the team warned him they might have to switch the drivers positions if his speed did not improve as Daniel Ricciardos Red Bull threatened from third. He was not told twice and the times duly came down. Theories that he was deliberately backing his rival into trouble were denied by both drivers and the teams executive director, Toto Wolff. The central issue they claimed was taking care of the rubber.

    This pattern repeated whenever he was delayed by traffic and, as Rosberg closed, there was always another six- or seven-tenths in the bag, enough to see him over the line and finally to take Mercedes first win here since the V6 turbo hybrid era began.

    Rosberg admitted he had done all he could. I was quite happy that the pace was slow because I was trying to put the pressure on and get some mistakes from him, he said. I did everything I could, got some mistakes but not enough to get by.

    Which begs the question he must now ask: what can he do? The German looks bludgeoned by Hamiltons fightback and on recent form has no answer to him. It is such a gulf, in terms of a lead, that has been bridged before the halfway point of the season which is the next round in Germany that for all the one-race-at-a-time mantras it simply must be playing on his mind.

    The mighty John Surtees pulled off the greatest comeback, in 1964, to overturn his 20-point (55 in modern terms) deficit to Jim Clark in five races.

    In recent times Hamiltons resurgence recalls Kimi Raikkonens triumph in 2007 from the equivalent of 45 points down and Sebastian Vettels title in 2012 from 44 points behind.

    I honestly feel were in the strongest position weve been in all year, Hamilton said a position which might well be remembered as defining the moment he was on his way to the title.

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    5 Anniversary Gifts That Say ‘I Love You’ Louder Than A Price Tag

    I’m sorry to say it, guys, but when it comes to being romantic, a lotof you don’t know how tosweep your girlfriendsoff their feet. It’s OK, you’re taught to believe that being sentimental isn’t a manly quality. And that sucks.

    So, when anniversaries come around, guys are usually left panicking when it comes to picking out a gift for their girlfriends. They think they have to put down an extraordinary cost just to show their girlfriends how much they appreciate them.

    Well, I’m here to tell you that love don’t cost a thing.

    Being romantic doesn’t automatically equate to dropping hundreds of dollars and posting about her all the time. So, guys, here are five gift ideas that aremeaningful, thoughtful, heartfelt, FRUGAL and everything your girlfriend could ever want:

    1. Make a personalized calendar.

    This idea isn’t something many people (women included) think of as a gift, but it’s cute and thoughtful! Certain websites let you addpersonalized photos that match the season or month you are entering. Include her birthday and other events like your anniversary on the calendar, too.

    And don’t stop at the calendar! Anything personalized is a plus, whether it be dog tag necklaces, a mug, a blanket or a picture frame. Personalizing a gift automatically makes something meaningful.

    2. Surprise her.

    Every woman loves a romantic surprise. For this year’s anniversary, decorate herbed with rose petals, blow up 12balloons and attach onepicturefromeach month you’ve beentogether to the strings. Put noteson the back of each picture, and you have a deeply personalized gift. As an added bonus, give her a scrapbook or photo album so she has a place to keep those pictures forever.

    Youcan provide enough pictures for a year’s worth of memories, or you can go the extra mile and provide enough pictures for every month of every year you’ve been together. The choice is yours, but regardless of what you choose, this will be a perfect anniversary surprise.

    3. Make it an adventure.

    Whether it’s a date to the park, a hiking trail or your favorite beach, pack a picnic basket with some wine,wine glasses, a platter of cheese and deli meats. Don’t forget the blanket!

    When you spend a lovely afternoon reminiscing the past few years together over some crisp wine, your girlfriend will be more than just sweptoff her feet: She’ll probably fall in love with you all over again (at least, I would).

    It doesn’t cost much (read: it literally costs nothing) to take her to an open and public place, so splurge a little on the wine and let the memories flow.

    4. Write her a letter or card.

    I’m talking Noah-style from “The Notebook.”You may not be Shakespeare (and boy, does she know it), but anything you write expressing your feelings will honestly show her how much you love her to the moon and back. If you’re the kind of guy who has an especially hard time expressing honest emotions, this gesture will show her just howdeep your feelings run.

    For women, it’s the thought that counts. And the effort you put into this notewill make all the difference, no matter if your handwriting is chicken scratch andyou’re a nervous wreck while reading it. She’ll think it’s cute, and it will definitely melt her heart.

    5. Get her a star.

    This might be a stretch and straight out of “A Walk To Remember,” but what girlfriend doesn’t want a star named after her? It doesn’t cost much to adopt a star in the sky. Even better than this, you can donate to a charity in her name. This way, you’re not only celebrating your anniversary, but also giving back to Mother Earth by making your markson it together.

    A lot of men feel confused when it comes to planning anything that seems romantic. They often think that spending loads of money on the nicest hotel or vacation getaway will do the trick. But sometimes, it doesn’t take much to woo the love of your life.

    Let’s be honest, the phrase “love don’t cost a thing” is definitely true. It’s not about throwing your money at your girlfriend and trying to show her how much you love her by buying expensive designer watches, purses and shoes. It’s about doing the small, meaningful gestures that truly count.

    I mean, who doesn’t mind anythingdesigner? But sentimental gifts last a lifetime, and they don’t come with an expiration date and will never run out of style.

    Come on, men. Who said chivalry was dead? Use these tipsand seehow your girlfriend’s face lights up at the sight of your romantic gesture.

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    ‘Batman’ fans can save $175 on the complete TV series today

    Fans who put Adam West at the top of the best Batman list will be delighted to know that the limited edition, complete TV series is 65 percent off right now on Amazon.

    The deal is for the Blu-ray Batman set, which includes all 120 episodes of the 60s TV series. But there is so much more crammed into this collector’s set, it’s just bonkers.


    Crammed into this comic time machine, you’ll find three hours of bonus content on the Adam West legacy, designing Gotham, vintage memorabilia, and more. The collectors set also includes an Adam West scrapbook, 44 vintage trading cards, and an UltraViolet copy so you can watch on multiple devices.

    The set would normally cost a steep $269.97, but you can get it for $94.82 today only. Thats a serious bargain for any collector or fan. Get to the Batcave quickly, and go buy it here.


    The Daily Dot may receive a payment in connection with purchases of products or services featured in this article.Click hereto learn more.

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    50 Romantic Would You Rathers To Test If Youre Truly Compatible

    1.Would you rather save up your money for a house or spend it on fun adventures?

    2.Would you rather have an elaborate, expensive wedding or a small, private wedding?

    3.Would you rather have a picnic at the park or a picnic on the beach?

    4.Would you rather take me to a Broadway show or to a rock concert?

    5.Would you rather adopt a puppywith me or a kitten?

    6. Would you rather go out to a five-star restaurant or cook a meal with me in the kitchen?

    7. Would you rather write me a love letteror singme a song?

    8.Would you rather surprise me with a thoughtful gift or have me tell you exactly what to buy me?

    9.Would you rather see me naked or see me in lingerie?

    10.Would you rather give me oral or receive oral?

    11.Would you rather hear me say, “I love you” too often or not often enough?

    12.Would you rather take a vacation toDisney or to a tropical island?

    13.Would you rather take me to the movie theater or watch a film on our couch?

    14.Would you rather initiate sex or have me make the first move?

    15.Would you rather have a weekend getaway in acabin in the woods or in a tent in our backyard?

    16.Would you rather sing karaoke on stage with me or take a dance class with me?

    17.Would you rather play a board game with me or a video game with me?

    18.Would you rather know what’s bothering me or have me tell you I’m “fine?”

    19.Would you rather have sex in the shower or sex in the ocean?

    20. Would you rather make love on rose petals or fuck in a bar bathroom?

    21.Would you rather do the dishes or vacuum the house?

    22.Would you rather snuggle and watch Netflix all weekend orgo out on the town?

    23.Would you rather plan out our vacation yourself or let me do all the planning?

    24.Would you rather take a road trip or hop ona plane?

    25.Would you rather watch a romantic comedy or read a romance novel?

    26.Would you rather have sex in the dark or with the lights on?

    27.Would you rather get a cute text from me while you’re at work or find a cute note I’ve written and left around the house?

    28.Would you rather have breakfast in bedor my famous dessert?

    29.Would you rather have a huge fight or hold your feelings inside?

    30.Would you rather make a big deal out of our anniversary or ignore it all together?

    31.Would you rather give me a back rub or a foot massage?

    32.Would you rather go to the gym together or take a walk down the block together?

    33.Would you rather have rough sex or gentle sex?

    34.Would you rather kiss me in the rain or kiss me in the snow?

    35.Would you rather make love on the living room floor or on the living room couch?

    36.Would you rather make a scrapbook together or make a Youtube channel together?

    37.Would you rather grind or slow dance?

    38.Would you rather hear about my day or tell me about yours?

    39.Would you ratherhandcuff me to the bed or have me handcuff you to the bed?

    40.Would you rather drink beer or wine with me?

    41.Would you rather have spectacular sex once a week or half-ass sex seventimes a week?

    42.Would you rather take me bowling or ice skating?

    43.Would you rather sext or talk dirty over the phone?

    44.Would you rather have sex in a hotel room pool or a hotel room balcony?

    45.Would you rather go on a date to themuseum or the bookstore?

    46.Would you rather celebrate the holidays with my family or your family?

    47.Would you rather have a baby or adopt a pet?

    48. Would you rather make me moan or make me laugh?

    49.Would you rather live in the country or live in the city?

    50.Would you rather take our honeymoon in France or in Italy?

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    These Are The 10 Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know If You’re Broke AF

    After you tie the knot, dreaming about your new life with your hubby is, in a word,exciting. But the cost of everything that comes with planning a wedding? Not so much.

    The prices associated with having a wedding have reached insane and unreasonable amounts.To be honest, if you’re broke AF, this probably makes you want to scream, WTF?

    As if there’s not enough pressure for a newly engaged couple to deal with, the stress of spending so much money when just starting a new life together can be overwhelming.

    Well, future brides and grooms, let’s just chill for a sec. I’ve come up with a list of 10creative ways to cut costs in just about every aspect of the wedding process, so you don’t have to go broke before you start your life together.

    It’s definitely possible to plan a spectacular wedding for every taste, in every budget. These tips will also give your wedding day a trendy, fun and individual vibe that sets it apart from the rest:

    1. Trim your guest list.

    Gone are the days of inviting people just because you have to. I’m not telling you to cross Great Aunt Betsy off the list. You don’t, however, have to invite work friends unless you hang out with them socially. And the friends you try to keep in touch with, but they barely reciprocate? Cross them off.

    There’s a big difference between having 100 guests and 50 guests, so choose wisely. A small, intimate wedding is just as stunning, and it makes it easier to really enjoy your guests. It’s also much more affordable than hosting a large wedding reception.

    2. Rethink your dress.

    Every bride should absolutely fall in love with her dress. If you are savvy with your shopping, you can totallyfind a dream dress for less! It’s certainly not all about the price tag when it comes to finding the right choice for your big day, so let’s do this, girlfriend.

    In addition to scouring designer sample sales, be sure to check out your mother and grandmother’s attic or cedar chest. They are bound to have some gems tucked away. Visit vintage shops, too. Dresses can be altered to fit your style for a fraction of what a new dress may cost. Sleeves can be cut off, necklines can be changed and accessories can be added.

    A repurposed dress will be unlike any other. Your look will basically be a designer original, never before seen on any other bride or in any magazine. Pretty chic, right?

    You can also useRent The Runway for your big day, which will save you tons of money, and you’ll still look so fabulous.

    3. Create a Pinterest board for your flower arrangements.

    When it comes to flowers, Pinterest is your go-to source. It’s time to create your wedding flower board for inspiration. It’s all about the details and planning it out.

    Flower bouquets and centerpieces can be exorbitant. With a little careful planning and creativity, you can have spectacular table decorations and bouquets at a fraction of the cost.

    Vintage, mismatched vases and candles (several clustered on each table) can be a spectacular look, and grocery store bouquets can look amazing if chosen wisely. Visit your local dollar store to find hidden gems. They may even have trendy mercury glass vases!

    4. Beer, wine, prosecco and sangria work just fine.

    Limit the bar to a more affordable selection. Let’s be real here: Every wedding guest loves an open bar. But why not have a selection of beer, wine, prosecco and sangria to choose from to save money? It works just as well and keeps everyone happy. Seriously, who’s going to pass up a refreshing glass of sangria?

    A collection of fun, creative, mismatched glassware from tag sales and estate sales can be a spectacular touch to add. And if you opt for a brunch or afternoon picnic or lunch celebration, a limited selection is that much better. Don’t forget, if it’s a small guest list, you don’t have too many accessories to buy. You can also keep the glassware for future entertaining.

    5. Have a dessert buffet instead of an enormous wedding cake.

    Having a grand, traditional wedding cake makes a beautiful statement. But when it comes down to dessert time, not all of the guests even eat the wedding cake. A dessert table with an assortment of pastries and divine treats may be the way to go for some couples.

    Some larger food chains actually make tiered wedding cakes. If you decide on a simple, small wedding cake (just for the tradition), surround it by a varied selection of fun desserts. The dessert buffet will look extremely appetizing, and it will be more cost effective, too. How divine does this dessert table look?

    6. Think outside the box for your venue.

    Check out every potential location within a reasonable distance, including farms,gardens, beaches, vineyards, lakes, oceans, parks, barns, museums, meadows, backyards and galleries.

    A large tent rental (with sides) will protect you from the weather if necessary, and it can be decorated beautifully. The surrounding ambiance of white lights, tulle, candles and vintage glassware creates a spectacular, elegant vibe like no other.

    7. Be creative with music.

    For ceremony and cocktail music, check out local students who perform for reasonable prices. A cellist, pianist, guitarist or harpist would be a perfect touch without breaking the bank.

    For the reception, a good playlist and speakers may work, depending on the venue. Or, you can be extremely unique and consider purchasing a replica vintage record player and have a friend in charge of playing actual albums that you love. Going vintage is always fun, and the guests will adoreit.

    8. Hire a friend to take pictures.

    All you need to capture the incredible memories and snap away throughout the day iscouple of friendswith good cameras. It will save you moremoney than hiring a professional photographer would. You can even leave Polaroid cameras on the reception tables for guests to take photos and pin up on a board.

    Eversnap is an awesome online service that offers a personalized site for your bigday. Based on the package you choose, you create an album online.

    Your friends, family and guests can take pictures throughout the entire wedding process and upload them to the album they choose, whether it’s your engagement, bridal shower, bachelor party, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, ceremony or reception. Down the road, when you can spare the extra expense, you can compile all of the pictures from the various albums and order your own wedding album.

    9. Create a wedding website.

    Save on invitations and other communications by creating a wedding website or blog. You can post and manage your wedding invitation, registries, RSVPs and all sorts of information and updates. It’s a super trendy idea, and you can even give your site’s design a fun, original flair.

    An ongoing scrapbook section is fun to maintain, and you can display everything from engagement pictures to small features on your entire bridal party. This will make your overall wedding experience a bit more personable and fun.

    10.Ditch the limo.

    I’m going to be super honest here: Nothing adds a more charming and unique look to your wedding day than your friend driving you and your hubby with his or her vintage car. It adds so much style and presentation to your special day, and it looks incredible in pictures.

    When it comes down to it, list your priorities and decide on the parts you don’t want to cut back on. Save money in the areas that you can, and you’ll certainly be on your way to a beautiful, affordable wedding day.

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